The Future-Proof Building (FPB) initiative aims to build better homes for New Zealanders.

A group of innovative companies, all involved in home making and building, came together to offer better choices at every stage of the process.

They were looking for a better showroom registration process. We gave them a lot more.

Capturing registrations was done manually: slow, inconvenient and it missed some people. A digital system made sense, but show homes didn’t always have internet, let alone reliable WiFi coverage. We spotted the opportunity not just to improve the registration process but to add a whole other dimension.

AOTEA built an iPad application to capture customer details and deliver synchronised product information.

After entering their details, customers could wander the showrooms with an iPad. Product information was pre-loaded and QR codes brought up rich information on products. At tour’s end, they receive a link to a virtual tour and are later emailed a personalised brochure. The iPad worked on- or off-line and all data was collected when an internet connection was re-established. CMS allowed showroom staff to instantly update products.

More efficiency that delivers a customer-experience ‘wow!’

Not only did the FPB App solve the data capture issue, it allowed potential customers to interact with the products they were interested in. They learned more about the products, more about the FPB initiative and stayed in touch with FPB and its partners. It established a dialogue with visitors, based on personally relevant information.


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