Vector can supply gas to most North Island locations.

Their natural gas distribution network stretches over 2,300 kilometres to more than 30 towns
and cities.

AOTEA was tasked with improving the customer experience, for new connections.

So we designed a self-service portal for customers to get provisional quotes. We aimed to speed up response, improve customer communication and show Vector was an easy company to deal with.

We designed a whole new interface, architecture and software that was as easy as using maps.

Look and feel, heuristic evaluation, usability testing, site maps, task flows, prototype validation, HTML schematics/wireframes and navigation - we did it all. And by working closely with Vector, we ensured a sales lead component was part of the solution.

For customers it’s quicker, easier, more flexible. Better in every way.

For Vector, it’s a real-time sales quoting system, delivering a constant flow of leads. For the customer, it has slashed response times from an average two days to an instant. And if you want to change the configuration and re-quote, it’s a cinch. The portal is a first in the industry, winning accolades for Vector as a brand.


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