aotea born

AOTEA Interactive started out developing online assessment systems, working with Cambridge University and Singapore’s Ministry of Education.

To this day, it’s an area where our expertise is sought after, including the supply and support of New Zealandʼs online aviation and commercial road licensing exams. Our proprietary assessment system, Think Lamp, is in use by Australian Civil Aviation, the NZ CAA and equivalent organisations in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and many other nations.

We also specialised early on in web-based solutions and domain name management, and we now manage more than 30 of the worlds top level domain registries.

Our online and digital expertise gradually led us into database management and CRM programmes, then into area such as virtual exhibitions and curating.

Meanwhile, we began to develop a specialist and highly creative design function. At first this was an offshoot to our digital work. Eventually, clients began to demand our services purely in the design field, letting us develop an impressive portfolio ranging from packaging to posters and corporate identity.

The end of the overlap

Increasingly, the ‘overlap’ between these two occupied the vast majority of projects. Purely ‘technical’ approaches to development of software and web-based solutions became the exception, not the rule. Through great design, operability and functionality increased markedly.

In the design arena, the influence of technology became inescapable as the 1990s gave way to the 21st Century. The use of computing platforms and software had started many years before. But as digital delivery became ever faster and more widespread, the application of design grew. As Apps, games and widgets became more mainstream, design often became the greatest differentiator.

It became clear that any distinction between these two areas was irrelevant. The two had become one.

Bringing it together

With every project, the design and interactive teams just grew closer. Each retained their specialist knowledge but each developed a greater understanding of the other discipline. The result was an increasingly seamless approach to projects, that fitted clients’ demands perfectly. Clients weren’t interested in the distinctions - they wanted solutions to their needs, whether that was a better website, an online training tool, a customer acquisition strategy or a communications campaign.

The Aotea Interactive of today was born.



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